Managed VPS Server Hosting

Managed VPS Server Hosting

Self-managed VPS provides more freedom and security for SysAdmins and developers

A VPS, or virtual private server, is a virtualized instance that is similar to the physical server. VPS provides more access and control than what is commonly available in common environments. For example, it provides access to resources such as CPU, RAM, and disk space, which is used to run websites, applications and services, VPSs are often the perfect fit for customers with increasing business or more extensive technical requirements are there.

cPanel’s great, but control panels are not for everyone

Control panel like cPanel web hosting is an easy way for a regular hosting customer to make management work smoothly. However, the control panel can be a burden for those customers who are comfortable with the command line or have complex technical requirements. Imagine running out of your way, going through the 18-wheeler, the engine is starting, then 20 feet running … Advanced System Administrator or developers can easily access the root access SSH You can log in to VPS and edit and manage anything they need with some things. For these people, a control room just gets in the way.

Introduction to our Self-Management VPS

With the increasing complexity of the online business infrastructure, we need a new product for the promotion of innovation so that advanced customers are not burdened with the software they do not need, or it prohibits them or Keep them back. This is why we have created our self-managed VPS, along with that; we are providing an additional option for our technical customers to run custom applications and websites on a highly secure hosting platform. With our workflow and security features, our new self-managed VPS provides more flexibility to users so they do not get frustrated trying to work around the traditional control panel.

While engineering this product, we focused on the general conditions and issues that these types of customers could encounter. Since we run ourselves in many of these situations, we have included solutions and features that have worked for us within the product. This facilitates us to provide an advanced product and such customers are given many tools to overcome common issues and enjoy a high-quality, high-performance product.

Not only this product has been unmanaged, you have to provide maximum freedom, but it includes many useful tools for managing your basic workflow, such as SSH Keys, Flush Firewall.

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