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Cheap Forex Dedicated Server plans

New York - Forex Dedicated Plans

Package CPU RAM Core Storage Brandwidth Pricing
STANDARD Intel Xeon E-2146G 32 GB DDR3 3.5 GHz 6 Core 500 GB SSD 20 TB Brandwidth $ 280/Mo
PREMIUM 2x Intel E5 2620 V4 64 GB DDR3 2.1 GHz 16 Core 2 x 500 GB SSD 20 TB Brandwidth $ 445/Mo
EXPERT Intel Xeon Silver 4210 64 GB DDR3 2.2 GHz 10 Core 500 GB SSD 20 TB Brandwidth $ 465/Mo
PROFESSIONAL 2x Intel E5 2650 V4 64 GB DDR3 2.2 GHz 24 Core 2 x 500 GB SSD 20 TB Brandwidth $ 999/Mo

Amsterdam - Forex Dedicated Plans

Package CPU RAM Core Storage Brandwidth Pricing
STANDARD Xeon E3-1230 v2 16 GB DDR3 3.3 GHz 4 cores 2× 2 TB HDD SATA 100 TB Brandwidth $ 85/Mo
PREMIUM Xeon E3-1270 v2 16 GB DDR3 3.5 GHz 4 cores 2× 2 TB HDD SATA 100 TB Brandwidth $ 100/Mo
EXPERT Xeon E3-1270 v6 32 GB DDR4 3.8 GHz 4 cores 4× 2 TB HDD SATA 100 TB Brandwidth $ 200/Mo
PROFESSIONAL [Dual] Xeon E5-2620 v2 64 GB DDR3 2.1 GHz 6 cores 4× 2 TB SSD SATA 100 TB Brandwidth $ 230/Mo

Malaysia - Forex Dedicated Plans

Package CPU RAM Core Storage Brandwidth Pricing
STANDARD Xeon E3-1230 16 GB DDR3 3.2 GHz 4 cores 1×2 TB HDD 100 TB Brandwidth $ 220/Mo
PREMIUM Xeon E3-1230 16 GB DDR3 3.2 GHz 4 cores 2×2 TB HDD 100 TB Brandwidth $ 300/Mo
EXPERT Xeon E3-1230 32 GB DDR3 3.2 GHz 4 cores 2×2 TB HDD 100 TB Brandwidth $ 400/Mo
PROFESSIONAL [Dual] Xeon E5-2650 32 GB DDR3 2 GHz 8 cores 2×250 GB SSD 100 TB Brandwidth $ 700/Mo

Why is Forex Dedicated Server Essential for You?

Forex Dedicated Server is in high demand because of the best and right hardware, SSD Enabled, lowest latency network, Advanced Operating Systems, and rock-solid uptime. Our Company includes you in each aspect. It is the most beneficial technique to develop your business. With the help of a Dedicated Forex Server, you can quickly improve your performance. Each Best Forex Dedicated Server can maintain its personal operating system and applications.

Tier-1 Bandwidth

Serverwala is serving a 1Gb/s network interface fully optimized. Serverwala Best Dedicated Server Forex is delivering 1Gb/s bandwidth for all clients. We provide you with almost free incoming and outgoing traffic for all servers. You can increase your bandwidth capacity according to your business.

Advanced Security

Serverwala is primarily known for the Security of your data. We assure you with the advanced Security. Our company provides superior Protection with firewall, browser protection, dedicated IP address, and many more.

SSD Enabled

Serverwala is providing the most advanced technology solid-state drives storage that helps to boost your website performance. It helps to read and write data and manages collected data in a constant state even without power.

Any Broker,EA and Platform

Our Company provides brokers, EA, and trading platforms. Our team installs your MT4 and other Operating software on request.

Unique IP Addresses

Our company delivers unique IP addresses with 5 static for every client. Most Dedicated Forex Server Comes with only 1 IP Address, but if you require more than one IP Address, then you can buy it with an add-on option while placing your order.

Free Backup Options

Our company is dedicatedly working on clients' satisfaction. We can properly understand that your data is the most essential part for you. Our Company provides you a 500 Gb space for your free data backup, CDP daily (Automatic) backup facilities for Dedicated Forex Server packages plans.

Best Infrastructure of Forex Dedicated Server For Your Website

Do you worry about your Mission-Severe website/App? Don't worry! Serverwala is offering the fully managed and unmanaged Forex Dedicated Server with high speed and full resources. Our company never compromises with the hardware and other resources.

Are you looking for the low-cost services that reach in Dedicated Forex Servers resources? Our Company is offering a full solution for your trading.

Serverwala is offering its services in various countries like the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Poland, France, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, Singapore, and the USA.

We deliver our Dedicated Forex Server with free important SoftRaid and Anti-DDoS security. If you want to earn more profit from your trading, you can host your company's website. You will get more benefits from forming a large-availability server.

Serverwala Forex Dedicated Server Features

Advanced Operating Systems

Serverwala is the one and only company that provides fully Advanced Operating Systems with upgrading technology. If you are looking for Windows or a Linux OS, then our company has multiple options for your business. We provide the best Operating Systems like CloudLinux, Ubuntu, Cent Operating Systems, Microsoft Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, and many more Operating Systems for your trading.

Licensing of your Forex Dedicated Server

Serverwala provides a massive range of your Server licenses that include control panel licenses, Operating Systems (Windows & Linux) licenses, MSSQL server licenses, etc. If you want to know more about the Licensing, then visit our official website.

99.98% Uptime Guarantee

Our Company offers you a 99.98% Uptime guarantee during the working days. Our network builds with a 100% uptime guarantee, but it depends on your plans and packages. Your operating system is never offline with your permission; our team continually maintains your OS MT4.

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

Our company promises you 30 Day Money-back Guarantee 30 Day Money-back Guarantee. We have a fully dedicated team to assist all clients. Our customer support team has included 24 hours of active chat, Facebook skype, ticket, phone, WhatsApp, Email, Calls, etc.

24/7 Client Support

Serverwala is offering you 24/7 Client Support. Because your business is run 24 hours without interruption, so you need customer support. We have a Fully Dedicated team for customer support with live chat, WhatsApp, Calls, Facebook, ticket, skype, etc.

Forex Dedicated Server Monitoring

We can understand how much damage your things can do if your server is offline for a minute/Hour/Day. Serverwala has a dedicated team for Monitoring all client Servers. While you are buying a server, then our team sets an alert for all Server, also for these that are self-managed Dedicated Servers Forex. We take quick action if we get a signal that is received for any server.

Frequently Asked Questions for (Dedicated Server Forex FAQs)

If you are operating a Dedicated Server for Forex, it is easy to manage your trading. We set up your server according to your website demand. You can configure applications and software on your server according to your business requirements. Our company delivers a unique IP Address with your server. Also, you can connect your Cheap Forex Dedicated Server For Forex with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) application.

Yes, Serverwala is offering a money-back guarantee with all Forex Dedicated Hosting. We provide regular prices for all clients. Our Dedicated Team is Continuously working with 24*7 customer support.

Yes, Our Company provides complete administrator access to all Servers. Our Dedicated Forex Server provides Linux OS, Windows OS, and if you can connect to your server as the infinite root access. You have full control of your system, and also you can install your application that requires your business.

It is the natural thing to do when your business grows. You require more resources for your trading then you can quickly increase your Random Access Memory. We also provide a support ticket you can use for your query. We will immediately respond to your questions and check the current configuration of your Dedicated Forex Server. Also, analyze the probability of more sources, and continue to update your server resources.

These are different things, it is the pure metal Forex dedicated servers. If you are searching for the Private virtual servers, you should visit our Forex VPS Hosting Page. If your company has a specific requirement for a Dedicated Forex Server, our team can fulfill all requirements. Post your specifications to sales@serverwala.org, and Our team will communicate with you as soon as possible.

Yes, Serverwala is providing Windows 10 OS for desktop-based machines for all Dedicated Server Hosting. We offer various windows servers like 2012, 2016,2019 with many operating systems for all servers.

Yes, Serverwala is offering a Unique IP address for all Cheap Dedicated Forex Server. It does not require extra cost. Our Organization gives just one IP Address for the Netherlands, Poland, UK, India, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Canada, USA, France, and South Africa based servers. If you require an additional IP, you can place an order while putting the order.

Yes, While you buy your server, our company provides you with a beneficial control panel. You can choose according to your operating system choice like cPanel (add-on) or Plesk (add-on) with any Linux server. Also, your preferences include SolidCP (free) or Plesk panel (add-on). If you need to know more about offers, then you can visit our official website.

Yes, Serverwala presents both self-managed and fully managed Best Dedicated Server For Forex. Your Organization wants for fully managed services to get Managed Service with your Forex Dedicated Server at an inexpensive cost from our website.

Yes, If you choose the Linux server with a control panel, then the mail application will automatically pre-install on your Dedicated Hosting Server. Our Company offers MailEnable Standard Edition free of cost.

Yes, With Best Dedicated Server Forex, you can simply install and operate RUST or Minecraft. Our team also provides a Gaming Server with full optimization. As per the current offer, You can use the filter option for game servers. Our Server offers complete root access, which provides you to install any game on the server.

Yes, Our Company is providing full access to all your databases without selfless. Manage your MySQL databases with your Own PhpMyAdmin access. If you want to manage your Server with the SQL database, then you can immediately control your SQL Server according to your website.

Forex Dedicated Server issue with full control of your root access, and it also includes RAM, CPU, Disk, etc. Your data can not be shared with any other clients, users. In Non-dedicated servers, you have to share with various users. They are generally recognized as a shared server or shared hosting.

Yes, Serverwala provides a reverse DNS setup for your Dedicated Server IP addresses. After buying your server, you get your property's login credentials. Our team will happily set up the reverse DNS.

Our Company presents Hyper-V, Xen, VMware, and KVM virtualization with too many facilities. Get your best deal to visit our websites.

Serverwala is presenting Dedicated server Forex with the highest and fastest speed. Our Server provides 1 Gbps Port fastest speed with an external network port. If you are searching for the 1 Gbps Cheap Dedicated Server Forex, you Contact our Sales Team, and also you can visit our website.

Serverwala is delivering Dual Xeon servers in various countries. You can choose the best option for your trading, and You can filter the dual Xeon server.

Yes, Our Client Data is the most important thing for us. Our team works on the advanced protection of your database. If you want, then we can replace your Cheap Forex Dedicated Hosting drives at no extra charge.we We regularly advise a RAID1 or RAID10 structure in any Forex Dedicated Server most advanced method to maintain and stop data loss scenarios due to a drive failure.

Yes, Our Cheap Dedicated Server For Forex offers the most limited static IP address with all servers. If You are required to set up your DNS Server, we can set up your DNS according to your requirement. After that, You can use it as your personal Forex dedicated DNS server.

Yes, We have a well trained and experience holder technicians team. They can adequately maintain your OVH or AWS Best Forex Dedicated Hosting. If you need to keep your current server, then you can contact our 24*7 customer support service.