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Features designed for you

We provide you all the best features that others are missing

Enhanced Security

Dedicated servers are inherently more secure than a multi-tenant cloud or virtual environment. HIPAA and PCI compliance are more easily achieved on dedicated servers.

High Performance

Our servers are built to deliver superior performance and ensure that your web server applications run smoothly without any issues. No one can steal your resources

Seamless Connectivity

we provide guaranteed network uptime of 99.95% and go beyond to make it 100%. In addition to this, we enable clients to quickly scale up/down the resources to meet peak traffic demands.

Our Plans

Save Big With One Of Our Best Selling Dedicated Server Hosting


$65 / month
$780 / yearly
  • Processer Intel Xeon E3-1230 v3
  • CPU Type Quad Core
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 8 Physical Cores
  • 500 Gb SSD OR 2 TB HHD
  • 1 GBPS Port speed


$210 / month
$2480 / yearly
  • Processer Dual Xeon E5-2670V3
  • CPU Type Hexa Core
  • 128 GB RAM
  • 16 Physical Cores
  • 500 Gb SSD OR 2 TB HHD
  • 1 GBPS Port speed

Help & Support

Your issue is our main priority. Our friendly support team is ready to help you as soon as possible with any questions you may have. We DO care about your problems. You can always contact our support team via live chat on the website, phone or by simply sending us an e-mail through our ticket system, none of your questions will be unanswered