What is the best Server Operating Systems?

Certainly, when you have a wide list of server operating system in your hand, you might feel a little confused. Today this problem will be solved.  Presenting some of the best server OS, that you can use.

1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server: Firstly, the RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is a very popular os, which can provide many open source application software. The support is too good and provided by RHEL. This operating system is used by big projects and companies. As a matter of fact, because of the RHEL is a paid os, so you will get the value for money surely.

2. CentOS Server: Furthermore, the CentOS Server is free and based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux architecture. Surprisingly, the support comes through a large community. With many suitable applications, and supported software’s, this CentOS Server can be popular among many small to medium businesses.

3. Microsoft Windows Server: Lastly, the Microsoft Windows Server is one of the popular server operating system people can relay. Because of it’s a part of windows family, surely you will get top notch support by the officials. This os is also cloud ready, so whether you are small or big, the Microsoft Windows Server can be your ultimate choice.

Whichever server you want to deploy in your company, you need to ensure that you contact a reliable service provider who can ensure that everything goes according to your need and budget.

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