Significantly, the Linux is open source and also considered as a secure server operating system. Though Linux is tough for personal use, and beginner users had a hard time to properly go through it, but as a server, the Linux came handy.

Today we came with some of the popular Linux servers in the market that are best for use.

1. Ubuntu Server: It’s on the top of the Linux food chain; the ‘Ubuntu Server 18.10’ is the latest Linux server operating system. It has next 9 months of maintenance or security updates, till July 2019. With a large forum and dedicated user base, there is no chance of an existing bug or security issue, that will harm your system.

2: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): The Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system is another open-source Linux os distribution based on Fedora. It’s developed by Red Hat. The RHEL server supports x86-64, x86, Itanium, IBM System z machines and PowerPC. It’s widely used by modern data centers, which have software-oriented storage. It also supports cloud, visualization, big data, IoT, etc.  

3: ClearOS: The ClearOS is a Linux server operating system, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. It performs well in medium or small companies as a   network server and network gateway. It has a web-based user-friendly administration interface.