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Strengthen your server to counteract any cyber threat

Linux servers are mostly cheap and they are implemented without following any security protocols. Therefore, the onus is on you to secure your own Linux Dedicated server. However, using a Linux dedicated server comes with its own advantages, despite being unruly in nature, this particular server is actually more secure. But, at the same time, you need to ensure that you’re making every effort to maintain its potency.

How to go about this?

Because cheap dedicated servers can easily fall prey to hackers, you need to make every effort to protect them against any intrusion. It is important to take extra precautions so your server remains protected as cheap dedicated servers are most likely very feeble against these attacks. We understand that it is not possible for many startups and enterprises to afford heavy-duty Linux servers, so they have to manage their operations with cheap ones.

Keeping that in mind, we have come up with some essential tips using which you will be able to secure your cheap server. It is quite unnecessary to make your server laden with additional packages that are not needed. So, install only those packages which are absolutely required and get rid of the extras. Changing default SSH listening port is also a very important step towards making your cheap dedicated server safer.

Ensuring high functionality as well

By changing the default SSH listening port, you can ensure that the entire system is configured correctly. The default port for listening is 22 and you can changes in it, which ensures high functionality as well. If you are logged in as a root user, then your server remains vulnerable, so it is best to disable it. The next is getting rid of old passwords which makes it very easy for the hackers to trace and infiltrate into the system.

Using the PAM module is a smart thing to do when you want to reduce such risks of getting server hacked. Backing up your system and its data is the next suggestion in order to make the cheap Linux dedicated server stronger in terms of security. It is also recommended to employ sizable quantum of gigabytes in the storage which is a great help when you are creating a backup of your data and making sure everything is secure.

Doing it the best way

Securing the console access is subsequent step after creating a backup. All the external devices such as DVDs, CDs and thumb drives must be disabled once you have saved the BIOS setup. Unwanted modules are also a major obstruction in securing your server, they occupy significant quantum of storage and are used quite often. So make sure that you are using only those modules that will really be used and won’t sit idle.

And the last thing to ensure the security of your cheap Linux dedicated server is to disable the server accessible through root users. Because root users have all the administrative rights to system, it is always recommended to delink those users. This would ensure that your server is solely in your hands and not anyone else’s. So if you are using a cheap Linux dedicated server, follow these steps and make it robust.

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