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Difference between a cloud and a server?

Meanwhile, a server and a cloud both can be used for creating a user data point or website building or any other issue. But there are more differences between a cloud and a server than the similarities. Following points will cover some of them briefly.

Terminology: A server is a dedicated computer, which manages access to centralized resources in a network. Whereas, – a cloud is a shared pool of computing resources, which can provide on-demand access to the shared resources via the internet.

Technology: The server is old technology. The server based computer means- the installed software’s and applications are controlled and implemented on a server. Certainly, the cloud concept is relatively new. A cloud is based on IaaS or ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ method, which also offers a virtual computing facility through the internet.

Architecture: Furthermore, server architecture is the basic foundation on which the server is created or deployed. Whereas, a Cloud architecture is a conceptual model that encompasses all the components and subcomponents required for cloud computing.

Performance and reliability: Performance wise a cloud and a server both perform well. But because of in the cloud data storage is based on multiple systems, so there is very less chance to go offline with cloud technology. But when a server crashes, there is a potential chance of losing data eventually.

Pricing: The cloud costs as per the use, but with a server, the costing is much higher.

Server Wala ensures that you the best service whether it is cloud or a server. We are resolute to give you premium service and our tariffs make it possible every startup and enterprise.

dedicated server
Dedicated Server

Which Company Provide best dedicated server host in India?

Certainly, when you out for shopping a dedicated server host in India, there are plenty of options are available from many service providers. Today we came with three ‘dedicated server host’ that is best for India.

1. Serverwala: The Server Wala Provide best dedicated sever in India with starting price of $ 115.00 MONTHLY to $ 135.00 MONTHLY you get Intel Xeon E3-1230 V3,

16 GB Ram, 1 TB Storage, 10 TB Bandwidth, 2.40 GHz

2. Bigrock: With starting price of Rs.6,999/mo to Rs.9,399/mo, the bigrock is one of the leading dedicated server hosts in India.

For the Rs.6999/mo (MACH-1) you get configurations like- Intel E3-1220LV2, 2.30 GHz Dual Core w/HT CPU, 4 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1, 5 TB data Transfer and 2 Free IPs.

Where in MACH-3 costs Rs.9399/mo you get- Intel E3-1265LV2, 2.50 GHz Dual Core w/HT CPU, total 8 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1, 10 TB traffic Transfer and 2 Free IPs.

3. Go4hosting: The go4hosting is also popular with its starter price at INR 8995. They also have three more packages- INR 10995, INR 22995, and INR 34995.

For INR 8995, you get- 2.4 Ghz/8MB Cache cpu with 4 Threads, total 4 GB Ram, 1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage, 5 TB Traffic.

For INR 34995 you get- 2.0 Ghz/ 20MB Cache cpu, 16 X 2 Threads, high 32 GB Ram,

2X1 TB Enterprise SATA Storage, RAID 1 RAID, 10 TB Traffic, etc.

4. Hostgator: The hostgator gives you full root access, with the starting price of Rs.9555/mo to Rs.16215/mo.

In the BASIC pack (Rs.9555/mo), you get- Intel E3-1220v3, 3.10 GHz Quad Core cpu, 6 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD in RAID 1, 1 TB Transfer, 2 Free IPs and Free Website Migration.

In the PRO pack (Rs.16215/mo), you get- Intel E3-1271v3, 3.60 GHz Quad Core w/HT CPU, total 30 GB RAM, 2TB HDD in RAID 1, 2 TB Transfer, 2 Free IPs and Free Website Migration, etc.

Remember, before purchasing anything, always read the terms and condition for avoiding any dispute in the near future.

Linux operating system
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What is the best Linux server?

Significantly, the Linux is open source and also considered as a secure server operating system. Though Linux is tough for personal use, and beginner users had a hard time to properly go through it, but as a server, the Linux came handy.

Today we came with some of the popular Linux servers in the market that are best for use.

1. Ubuntu Server: It’s on the top of the Linux food chain; the ‘Ubuntu Server 18.10’ is the latest Linux server operating system. It has next 9 months of maintenance or security updates, till July 2019. With a large forum and dedicated user base, there is no chance of an existing bug or security issue, that will harm your system.

2: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): The Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system is another open-source Linux os distribution based on Fedora. It’s developed by Red Hat. The RHEL server supports x86-64, x86, Itanium, IBM System z machines and PowerPC. It’s widely used by modern data centers, which have software-oriented storage. It also supports cloud, visualization, big data, IoT, etc.  

3: ClearOS: The ClearOS is a Linux server operating system, based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS. It performs well in medium or small companies as a   network server and network gateway. It has a web-based user-friendly administration interface.

dedicated server

How to setup VPS on a dedicated server?

Certainly, setting up VPS’s on a dedicated server can be very useful for personal use or reselling them. There are many steps for setup VPS on a dedicated server.

Step 1: You need to select a proper dedicated server. There are many service provider offering good service at the best price, you can go for them. Then you need to properly set the dedicated Server Node Configurations.

Step 2: Choose the right virtualization Software, which is required to be installed on the dedicated server. There are free and paid virtualization Software available, but surely paid one has more flexibility.  If you need 10 VPS, you need to purchase 10 VE licenses. Furthermore, install VZMC on the dedicated server node for managing the VPS.

Step 3: Next, the cPanel or Plesk needed to be installed on each VPS. You may go for other control panels, as your client demands. cPanel or Plesk both costs money eventually, but they are considered as best in their class.

Step 4: Billing System should be installed and manage accordingly. Billing Software likes Modernbill or WHMCS is a suitable choice.

Step 5: Then the operating system and other necessary software can be installed as per buyer’s requirements.

Ultimately, Creating VPS on a dedicated server and selling them is considered as a good business, because the profit ratios are considerably well.

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What exactly should you be looking for when hiring a web hosting service provider?

If your business exists over the internet, it is not possible to conduct the operations successfully without efficient web hosting service provider. There is no dearth of web hosting service providers today, in fact, you can easily approach them as they exist in abounding number everywhere. In that case, it is also recommended to analyze the services of hosting service companies on the basis of following parameters:-

Cost-effective solutions: The prices of hosting should be predetermined on the basis of magnitude of service, different companies offer different packages depending on their brand value and effectiveness of services. Remember that you can also for a custom plan.

Speed is priority: The speed at which the webpage loads is determined by web hosting service. Therefore it is the key factor in deciding your service provider, the rule of thumb is to stick to ‘3 seconds rule’ which gives the best results.

Customizable Tariffs: This becomes very important because companies often require services either more or less than what the package provides. Therefore, you should have the privilege to customize the plan as per your requirement.

Adequate Space: Another pivotal point is the quantum of space you get by the hosting service provider. You should always ask for maximum space according to the plan.

Reliable Service: To ensure that the service provider is reliable, it is best to check the authenticity of reviews and testimonials they publish. Many a times clients are coerced into a deal through fake reviews.

Stout Security: Needless to mention that security is the utmost priority for any business, the plan given by your hosting service provider attributes such as DDOS protection and protection from all types of malwares.

Cheap Domain: Last but not the least is getting a free or cheaper domain from your service provider. It is an indispensable part of the package which you must get.

Keep the above mentioned points in your mind whenever you seek for a hosting service provider. It is also advised to go through the ‘terms and conditions’ page before agreeing on the deal.

cheap Linux vps hosting
Linux Server, VPS

What is the best and cheap Linux vps hosting service in 2019?

Certainly, when you are thinking of creating a VPS hosting, there are many options. But the smart and reliable choice will be going with the Linux VPS web hosting services. Not because the Linux VPS hosting offers fast VPS server hosting services, but as Linux is open sourced operating system, for that the modern attacks can be blocked with state of the art security. Let me share some of the best and cheap Linux VPS hosting service in 2019.

1.    Vultr: Starting from only $2.5 per month, the vultr takes the first rank among cheapest Linux VPS web hosting services. They offer single-core CPU with 512MB  ram, 20-GB SSD storage, and 500 GB of bandwidth, but you can go through their additional packs.

2.   A2Hosting: For only $3.92 per month the A2Hosting takes the 2nd place in this  list.  This server is Drupal, Joomla and WordPress optimized and with the ‘Turbo Servers’ the speed will go up to 20X faster eventually.

3.    InMotion Hosting: With Fast web hosting service with free SSD’s they charge  $6.39 per month. Free Domain and cPanel are also like- a cherry on the top.

Eventually, though there is many Linux VPS web hosting service providers available   on the market like- DreamHost, Hostinger, 1and1, Bluehost, Host1Plus, HostGator,  etc but its necessary to go for a fast VPS server hosting. Always read the term &  conditions before buying the Linux VPS hosting.

Dedicated Server

Differentiate between the good and bad unmetered dedicated server

Different servers have distinct ways of working and disposition, some have specific levels of bandwidth and some have different interface size. However, the customer has the liberty to choose the interface he/she wants to purchase. The average cost of usage is decided on the vest size, on the basis of these specifications, the end-users chose their dedicated server and employ them to meet a set of specific purposes.

Servers are responsible managing the operations of websites, keeping them seamless and authentic at every stage. Handling high traffic and maintaining the soundness of the website is a part of server’s accountability. Before choosing the suitable server for your business, you must be aware of the pros and cons of choosing a particular server. Once you have figured out the appropriate server for your business, then proceed to buy.

What makes servers good?

Full access to sources

This is the first advantage that a good server gives you. For a server, you remain a user and that gives you ownership over the sharing of information, access and storage. With full access on the server you can control every activity reckon precisely how much you’re spending on the resources. It would also help you handle your users when they access the server and you will be able to control how they get access to your pages.

Security is assured

The next biggest and in some cases, more important aspect is security which is assured in this case. This is because, when you own a server, you receive an IP address which is unique and it helps your secure the information. In case you need any sort of technical assistance, you can deploy unmetered bandwidth which is quite helpful in this case. You can also manage your website with customizable control panel which makes it easier.

 No worries about traffic increase

Handling traffic has always been a challenge for most server owners. However, being an owner comes with access to bandwidth with sizeable ports and this makes handling traffic much easier.

What makes it bad?

More expenses on server

The ownership is definitely full of advantages it comes at a hefty price. This is because the server is customized to fulfill your needs and that requires cost. There could also be extra costs for various other things such as troubleshooting and managing. Therefore, it is advisable to decide the cost first before going for an unmetered dedicated server.

A little technical knowledge is prerequisite

You also need to brush up your knowledge about IP routing and server mechanics as it becomes important to manage the overall framework. There could also be challenges for which will require a specialist, in that case, more expenses could follow as a consequence.

Web Hosting
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What are the 7 best qualities of a good Web hosting service provider?

In particular, the ‘Web Hosting‘ is a service provider that you must need if you want to have a website on the internet. There are many Web hosting service providers available to choose from, but surely there are some hidden facts to find the best. Today you will know and understand the 7 best qualities of a good Web hosting service provider must have.

1. Pricing is a serious issue. Any good Web hosting service provider offers much effortless predetermined packages for the customers. But the customer may ask for a custom offer from them too.

2. Speed is the key factor. The Web hosting service provider is the cause of a webpage to load fast or slow. They should follow the ‘3 seconds rule’ for receiving the best result for a webpage loading time.

3. A good web hosting provider offers best ‘Bandwidth planes’ for a cheaper price.

4. Hosting Space is another point. You need to go with the Unlimited Hosting Space plan for the optimum result.

5. The provider should be Reliable, or it will become a problem. You don’t want your business website down for a single minute. Local server uptime is also considerable, or the website will be not accessible.

6. Security offered by the web hosting provider should be state of the art, or any bug or hacker take advantage of your website. Like: DDOS protection.

7. Any reputed hosting provider will offer cheap or free domain names when you purchase their service. You will/must need a domain name for creating a website.

Certainly, now you can roam and select the web hosting provider you are looking for. Always read the ‘term and condition’ before making any deal. Happy Hunting!

UK-based dedicated server
Dedicated Server

Get a UK-based dedicated server from Server Wala and ensure impeccable result

Have you been searching the internet for a cheap dedicated server in the UK? At Server Wala we ensure impeccable results and offer you the best servers with full control over how and where your site is hosted. We can offer you reduced costs and the advantages of high performance, ensured stability and control that is typically reserved for websites that generate large amounts of traffic. If you want the top dedicated server hosting in the UK you will understand why many European clients have chosen us as their #1 resource for their hosting needs.

 We give you an unlimited volume of traffic, we offer you similar services being offered and you will understand why our customers choose to host their online properties securely on our servers. Not only do you get fast speeds, unlimited control over the many facets of your site, and we provide customer service that cannot be matched by any other places to buy a dedicated server in the UK. If you would like to find out more about Server Wala than stop what you are doing and continue reading this page.

Our servers can provide you with the elements you need and desire in a UK-based dedicated server. We have many different partnerships with different key hardware and network manufacturers which give you direct access to the world’s best technology and our servers offer unmatched speed and performance. Unlike other dedicating hosting providers when you harness Server Wala you will never have to worry about Anti-DDoS attacks. We are affordable and a cheap dedicated server in the UK and we care about your security and we take it very seriously.

Our top dedicated server hosting in UK are completely protected by powerful anti-DDoS protection that will easily absorb and these attacks which ensures your server never goes down. We offer you DDoS protection with every single package we offer you. If you are searching to buy a dedicated server in the UK you will enjoy the fact that we allow you unlimited traffic packages. Our global network has an incredibly high network capacity that provides you with guaranteed bandwidth. We do not reduce your upload or download limits ever. We understand that load peaks happen and this will not effect anything. If you choose to buy a dedicated server in the UK you will see why we are the top choice. We also have optimized internal structures that give you incredibly fast delivery times and our most popular cheap dedicated servers in the UK can be assigned in as little as a few minutes from now.

We are the top dedicated server hosting in the UK for a reason. We treat our clients like gold and we are always available to address your needs or concerns. We also offer affordable rates that other companies in the European Union cannot compete with. If you want a solid and stable connection to the internet whether it be for an e-commerce webhost or a game we have your desires covered. Continue browsing our website today to find the best cheap dedicated servers in the UK. We can get you started immediately and will be more than happy to offer you the best hosting available online.