Important Factors Before Purchasing Dedicated Server

Selection of dedicated hosting server is not that easy. dedicated server India is not cheap, it is costly. So, quick decision is a big risk for your company.

Before purchasing dedicated server India, you should know about these important factors. These factors provide you a knowledge about dedicated server India and managed dedicated server so that your selection become profitable for your company.

Technical Factor-

Os or Operating System: Select Microsoft Windows dedicated server if you are employing Microsoft IIS or hosting an ASP.NET cipher, MS SQL server. An open source system like php/apache/mysql or Ruby on Rails require you to go for a Linux server.

RAM: A server with sufficient RAM is required for the power consuming technique such as Ruby, Java or Windows.

Performance and Bandwidth: Multiprocessor server such as dual Xeon server is required for the unique applications like chat server or game. if you want to host a multimedia or pics then performance is also a very important factor to remember before purchasing dedicated server India.

Managed server: If you want to concentrate on your organization then go for managed dedicated server. You don’t need to use skills of system manager after buying managed dedicated server. But this factor makes this managed dedicated server more costly.

Hardware substitution assurances: Many website hosts provider to adjust ineffective hardware in a specific time period. Identify, if your host provides an unlimited SLA so you are not in an unpleasant situation to pressing substitute

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