How to differentiate a server and a cloud?

There are a number of similarities between a server and a cloud like they both are used for creating websites or data point. There are many other issues for which their disposition is the same, however, there are some basic differences as well for which these two terms are used in different contexts.


A server actually functions as a dedicated computer, its job is to regulate access the centralized resources distributed in the network. On the other hand, cloud is a portal through which access to the shared resources is provided. It works as a shared pool of resources that supply on-demand access through internet.


Cloud is relatively a new technology while server is a term that we have been using since the beginning of World Wide Web. A server-based computer typically means that the control and implementation of softwares or applications is done on a server. Cloud has also introduced a new concept which is called IAAS or Infrastructure as a Service. It takes the functionality a step ahead and also provides virtual computing via internet.


As far as architecture is concerned, it works as a framework on which the whole server is deployed or created. But when it comes to cloud, it becomes an all-encompassing channel through which, all the components and sub-components are entered for better computing experience.

Reliability and Performance

When it comes to performance, cloud and server both have their distinct areas where they do well. For storage off-course, cloud is a much better option as it keeps data in multiple systems which minimizes the chance of going offline. Whereas in server, in case of crash, most likely you lose the data once and for all.


Cloud services are provided on subscription-based model, so you can choose how much you want to use. Servers are comparatively costlier.

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