Certainly, the dedicated server is a single computer connected in a network that just fulfills the requirements of the network. Though the server computer is not different than a personal desktop computer, but surely there are many differences among them.

Hardware: The server hardware is little different than conventional pc hardware’s. The motherboards and processor are also different. The ram is also a bit different than regular pc hardware. The costing for server hardware is more than the conventional personal desktop computer.

Operating System: The dedicated server uses different operating systems (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, CentOS Server, Microsoft Windows Server, Ubuntu Server, etc.) than the desktop computer. The normal desktop needs a user-friendly experience by the OS (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OSX, Ubuntu, etc.). Though the server is user-friendly for networking support, it’s not suitable for daily use.

Application: The dedicated server supports different types of application that are designed to be performed as a server and network support. You can’t really play GTA 5 or CS Go on a server computer. You also are not able to install all the friendly third-party software’s.

Conclusion: Though the use of the dedicated server as a desktop can be done, but it’s not so well user experience; costs more and misses personal desktop support for real.