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7 Benefits of using CloudLinux for Web Hosting Business

CloudLinux is an operating system which is based on Linux and CentOS. It works on server stability, and security of each tenant by giving allocated resources. CloudLinux provides backup services and fast consideration. Web hosting business is a type of onsite service or says Internet hosting which makes access to an individual or an organization to make their website via the World Wide Web. Accomplishment helps web hosting services deliver and data centers provide better hands to their clients and save liquidity of the business.

1 : Visibility

CloudLinux users have super visibility over their resources. Spamming scripts can be easily identified. It is not difficult to supervise system logs and log attempts that are potential security threats. It separates its tenants from one another to avoid breaches. CloudLinux had offered many organizations an easy and reliable customer support.

2:Customer Isolation

Virtualization environment does not only protects individual’s accounts from cyber attacks but also holds the entire server from being affected when one’s account goes down. It attains this by managing RAM and CPU.


One basic metric for shared web hosting is that no of clients can be set on the server. It is necessary to have enough clients on the server to be fruitful, yet an immoderate number of clients can create problems regarding assets issues. CloudLinux saves the day by permitting web hosts to have numerous customers on the server without giving up on client’s experience.

4:Ease of deployment

CloudLinux can be started very easily. It is true and very reliable for those who wish to convert from other systems. Licensing is also easily given. Licensed systems are guaranteed security updates. You can easily buy your license from ordering platforms and get to enjoy great patches and security.

5:Great Support

Service support system of CloudLinux is very great. They can easily pick you out from the problems regarding usage, configuration, and installation. They can also assist you to run diagnosis to get to know about the problem with your website. Users just have to contact the OS support staff to have their issues resolved as early as possible. This support is available for bug fixes of all versions of CloudLinux.

6:Stable hosting environment

CloudLinux as a hosting software tends to be the best choice for many businesses as they are cost-effective and sufficient for the needs. Sudden traffic spikes from other website accounts will never mean downtime server as a whole. It decreases server load and increases server uptime.


The lightweight virtualization environment helps in preventing hackers from getting your information from other users on the server. CloudLinux creates bubbles which protect your hosting account by neither letting hackers to access your personal information nor letting your information and data from getting out.


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