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SSL certificate
SSL certificates

How well do you know SSL Certificate and its implementation?

It is important to understand the idiosyncrasies of technology before we start using it. In case of SSL certificate, it is the same, you need to come to terms with its functionality. Let’s  try to understand what happens when a connection is established between a browser and a website on which SSL is installed. This specific process is known as ‘handshake’ or ‘Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) response.

It happens in a very sequential manner, first, visit requests the browser to connect with a website. Next step is to acquire the site’s IP address through a DNS server and requesting a safe connection to it. For establishing a secure connection, browser asks the server of the website to show its SSL certificate copy. When the certificate is provided, browser tallies it with its Certificate Authority and then determine, it it is valid.

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When it comes to different SSL certificates, validating the domain name very important, it depends on how they are being distributed. When it comes to verifying the rights of applicant and making the tally of domain names, it actually becomes essential for for admin to make changes. Through these changes, different domain names could be devised through the entire verification process. Not only that, diversification of certificates is possible too.

Types of SSL Certificates:

Organization Validated (OV) SSL Certificate

It typically connects with the organization’s existence and make the entire organization better in terms of its domain name. It would also keep in account the belongings to authorized organizations, it gives details to each and every entity. The way this certificate works, makes sure that no obstruction stands in your way to get thoroughly certified.

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificate

It is a different variety of certificate in which security and trust is prioritized, it shows how the highest level of security can be achieved. It gets differentiated with the icon of padlock and green address bar, it is also regarded safer when it comes to online transactions. The name of the certificate authority and also the organization gets displayed at regular intervals in it.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

This particular variety ensures the security of sub-domains as well, the protection to domains according to their different natures of business. This type of certificate is very valuable to those venture which are free of stringent vetting process. The screening of the applicant by the organization can be definitely done through this information. It brings an automation into the entire process better results.

Does SSL work on every device and operating system?

Yes, SSL is compatible with all the devices and operating systems, it supports all types of portable devices such phones, laptops, tablets and desktops as well. In case you are using a very old device, it is possible that some protocols may not work. Today, if you want to ensure the safety of your website, SSL is a must-have for you. It gives you website a seal of security and authenticity, it equips your website with some key features such as serial number, certification path and version. Deploying all this, your SSL certificate can make things work for your business and Server Wala will help you get this right for you.

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Linux Server

What’s the best Linux distro for a web server

Significantly, on a web server, people prefer Linux distro for themselves. Though the use of windows is very popular in the personal computer, it seems like the windows server is not chosen by the maximum admins. With this in mind, today we are presenting a list of the best Linux distro for a web server, and discuss in brief. Stay tuned!

1. Ubuntu Server: With the newly released Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 LTS, they will dominate the market for sure. The support for the 64-Bit operating system is last for April 2023. Not just the simple use, the Ubuntu Server Team developed many useful applications that are well managed with this os. Some examples of the applications are – pam_motd, Byobu, and etckeeper.

With the Ubuntu Server, it’s very easy to manage networking, DM-Multipath, Remote Administration, and Network Authentication. Monitoring of Web Servers and Databases for any security issue it just matters of a second.  You may use any third-party backup software, but the built-in one is powerful enough to handle all. With the long term easy and quick support, the Ubuntu Server takes the number one place.

2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL): First released in 1995, the Red Hat Enterprise Linux is another popular Linux destro that is in second place in this list. RHEL means business and security, that’s why approximately 90% of Fortune Global 500 companies use the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). No matter you are using virtual, bare-metal, containerized, public or private cloud service, the RHEL supports all.

    Significantly, it’s a paid operating system, but the customers are not bothered to pay a small amount for the license of RHEL, because it offers better security than others. The support team also controlled by the Red Hat Enterprise so the chances of any mistakes are likely zero!

3. CentOS: The CentOS is like the children of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). It uses the source codes of RHEL and makes it free for all. Basically, the CentOS is community-driven project or operating system. Everything is open source for CentOS. Even the support is also community driven.

Furthermore, with the recent CentOS 7, which you can download from their official website or from a torrent, they made a bold move to cross the gaps, thus it can be utilized by many users. Small business can afford the CentOS because it’s not paid. They also support all primary third party software’s. The crash rate for CentOS is less than other free OS.

Dedicated, Dedicated Server

Managed or Unmanaged, which one would you go for?

It is very important for you to decide what kind of server you want to go for, depending on your business, a variety of hosting service could fit your requirement. So you need to first of all, which server gives you what?

You need to know what kind of server could give the potential to your business and makes it secure utterly. Dedicated servers are definitely a good choice for your business but even in this category, there are many, options, and you need to decide which one you want to go for.

It is obvious that you would need to first ascertain what particular attributes does a server come with and then only, you can make wiser choice and give your business all the power to tackle challenges.

What is Unmanaged Server Hosting?

As the name quite explains, unmanaged is a type of hosting where server need to be managed by its admin, it is not automatically controlled or managed. It also means that if you have any issues with the server, you’ll have to solve it by yourself. You will not get a support mechanism which could guide you to troubleshoot the issue.

Therefore, when you handle an unmanaged server, you need extra backing of web hosting server and data center. You need to deploy more people to who could help you with the software or the hardware aspect of it. From IP to operating system, everything has to be configured with the assistance of an expert. You get totally dependent on additional firewall and many other components which are provided to you by the service provider.

What about Managed Hosting?

Again explicable by the name itself, managed server is the server which handles most of the things automatically. You won’t have to put up with the troubles that unmanaged servers give you. And that’s the reason why, managed server is a much better option as compared to unmanaged server.

Some of the salient features of managed server are as follows:-

Hardening of Server

Upgrades and Software Installations

Making Firewall Policies

Fine-tuning Server Optimization

Unlimited Ticket Support

Services for Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting of software configuration problems

Disaster Recovery and Post-Hack

Scripts for Installation

With all these features, managed server is an obvious choice for enterprises and startups, it helps them multiple things together without creating any hassle.

Keeping an unmanaged server means you’ll have to hire more staff for troubleshooting purposes. It directly increases the budget of your company by making you spend more on resources. On the contrary, managed server saves that cost but it is costlier than unmanaged one.

It is best to make your priority clear and then decide which one would work for your business. If you already have manpower but don’t want to spend anymore on costly servers, then unmanaged is definitely the best choice for you. On the other hand, if you want to manage your enterprise with less people and keep the system robust, then managed server is for you.

SSL certificates
SSL certificates

What exactly is an SSL certificate and how important is it your website?

As digitalization is becoming ubiquitous, its different aspects are coming into light and it is becoming essential to safeguard your business from the dark side of internet. The number of hackers is increasing steadily and is putting every digital entity at risk.

Today, if you own an online business, you know what’s the value of security, loosing data from your website is the biggest threat for any business owner. It directly effects your customer base and also defiles the credibility of your organization.

It taints your website forever and marks it as unsafe for every netizen, thanks to social media and various other resource, it doesn’t take very long for an update to get circulated among millions of users. Therefore, it becomes essential to beef up your website with every possible solution. SSL Certificate is one of the most effective solutions that are deployed by the website owners.

What is SSL Certificate?

The full form of SSL is Secure Sockets Layer, it is a security protocol that establishes encrypted and secure communication links between web servers and web browsers.

The certificate works as a digital data file, it is used in linking the company’s data with a cryptographic key. It is also helpful in the creation of SSL connection and activation on your web server. It establishes a trusted and encrypted connection among web browsers and the servers.

Difference between SSL and TLS certificate?

TLS stands for Transfer Layer Security, it is an upgraded version of SSL. After the advent of SSL, there have been many updates in it and many of its updates are categorized under TLS as well. As an upgraded version, TLS is more secure than SSL, however, the latter is more commonly used and more popular among organizations.

What is the process of establishing trust of SSL certificate?

Creating a certificate is no big deal, even you can create one of your own, but, the bigger task is to have certificates digitally signed by trusted Certificate Authorities like DigiCert, Comodo, GlobalSign etc. Every browser has its pre-installed list of certificate authority, they are generally known as Trusted Root CA store. Websites that get approved by the security and authentication standards of the browser, get to register themselves with the Trusted Root CA store.

When to use SSL Certificate?

SSL certificates are specifically required when a website needs to feed personal or sensitive information over the internet or on a private network. It may involve personal information such as logging into multiple accounts or filling several forms online. Most people believe that SSL certificates are required only you make some transactions for keeping the credit card details and other information secure. Contrary to popular belief, SSL certificates are actually implemented on all the websites wherever personal information is exchanged.

SSL certificates are highly useful and they are essential in order to keep your website running securely. Server Wala helps you get SSL certificate and makes it available at a very reasonable price. Our services have helped many startups to make their businesses up and running at a very affordable price.
Dedicated Server

How important is it to have European Dedicated Servers for businesses in Europe?

It is undoubtedly true that assuming things without an empirical approach has lead to some of the biggest failures eversince we have started living in a civilized manner.

Fiascos are definitely going to take place if you take the path of assumption and make up things in your mind. We need to fully understand the matter before reaching the conclusion and prevent ourselves from making mistakes.

It must have happened atleast in each our lives that we waste our money, time and resource on something which is totally useless for us?

Most of the times, the reason behind these goof ups is our lack of knowledge about the subject. And instead of acknowledging it, we keep making the same mistakes and keep risking the existence of our business.

Today, the internet has catapulted us into a whirlpool of information without any source of verifying them. You get plethora of suggestions about this or that, there is a blizzard of articles and tweets constantly driving you towards buying something or the other.

It creates such a turmoil that you sometimes get agitated and for the most part, you are confused about what to choose and what to leave. But, it is extremely important to judge a product based on its merits and not the hype which is superficial.

Indeed, it is possible that you won’t be able to make a wise decision always, therefore, you need to have patience when it comes to choosing a service or product. Only after thorough research and veritable facts, you should take steps towards buying something.

If you are a smart shopper, you spend ample of time looking for alternatives and you don’t make hasty decisions at all. You take your time to make up the mind before buying a small article.

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon, must of us put of hours of hard work in a day to earn money. So it would not be really wise if you spend it in a throwaway manner, would it?

The problems and the solutions we have discussed so far is quite applicable when it comes to web hosting. Like all the services, there are lots providers in the web hosting sphere and most of the times companies don’t even know what server or hosting solution would work for their business.

What do you mean by Dedicated Hosting Service?

As the term itself vaguely suggests, dedicated hosting is a type of service where you can lease a server entirely for your business. It means that the server will not be shared with any other client and would also improve the performance of your business by prompt response and quick deployment of resources.

Why should we choose dedicated server?

As they are solely deployed for one business, the efficiency is dedicated servers is unmatched. It empowers you with full ownership and control over the capacity. It rules out all the security concerns as its functionality even supports disallowing root access to ISP admins.

The main purpose that dedicated servers fulfill is the absolute control, it vests all the power in its admin’s hands. If you own a business and you want undivided control over the operations, then it is the right choice for you. You will be able to customize or reboot it whenever you want, it gives you full power over it and that is the biggest reason that independent entrepreneurs go for it.

What makes control over your server so important?

It is obvious, when you have invested in a business you do not want anyone else to play with it. Your business should remain in your hands and dedicated servers help you achieve that.

It is probably the most basic requirement for the growth and success of business that it should in the hands which owns it and which cares about it.

So how to choose the best dedicated server for web hosting?

First of all, you need to drop the ‘best’ from your mind, you need to get what suits your business. Remember, when it comes to web hosting, there’s nothing which could be referred as best.

It all depends on the requirements of your business, you need to get a server that is appropriate to what your website is trying to achieve, it could be e-commerce, social media or info portal.

Also, when you talk about ‘best dedicated server for web hosting, it is implied that you are going to act as a web host and you are going to serve many clients.

For the most part, it is decided by the budget and the requirements.

Server Wala gives a broad array of choices under which your needs are most likely to meet. We give you plenty of options when it comes dedicated server because we understand different companies have different requisites.

We ensure that our dedicated servers do not cause any trouble when it comes to carrying out tasks on daily basis or facing technical issues.

What is Managed Dedicated Server?

It simply means that the dedicated server will be managed by us, we will take of troubleshooting, web hosting account and everything else.

It is indeed a valuable service, it lets you focus completely on your operations while we take care of the server operations completely without you needing to interfere for any reason.

What is so special about European Dedicated Servers?

Because it gives you the best outcome for your business. Internationally, Europe Dedicated Servers have very positive ratings and feedback, if you serve customers in Europe there is nothing better than this for you.

The hardware used is making these servers are of best quality, we ensure that our clients get nothing but the best. Our quality check standards make sure that all the components generate good results for your business. We all also offer amazing deals on various products.

Server Wala is a company that delivers the best solutions when it comes to servers. Our services will help go ahead in your business no matter which domain you are in. And you can find the best package from the huge assortment of tariffs we have.

dedicated server hosting
Dedicated, Dedicated Server, Hosting

Here’s how you can get the most befitting dedicated server hosting for your business

Choosing the right server for your business could be a crucial decision as the fate of latter depends on the former. Also, being tech-savvy is not really enough for you to know what kind of server would suffice the need of your business. At the end of the day, its your budget that decides what you’ll end up deploying in your enterprise.

As compared to VPS and other shared options, dedicated online hosting is actually a costlier alternative but it also gives you amazing results. Many a times, small businesses cannot afford the costs of dedicated server hosting and they have to go for other cheaper alternatives.

Before you decide to go any type of hosting service, you need to weigh the options and compare their impact as well as cost on your business. Dedicated hosting helps you with high traffic on your website and it gives you quick response. Especially, if you’re running an e-commerce company, you can’t really cope with the traffic unless you have a dedicated server. However, there are different ways to handle situations and each of them could work if they are deployed smartly.

Cloud online hosting gives you an option to be hosted by multiple servers, this is helpful when you are working with limited memory and CPU requirements. The cost of cloud hosting services is actually more than shared hosting but is lesser than VPS hosting. But the price of managed cloud hosting is higher then dedicated hosting service, that’s because it comes with a greater configuration of multiple servers.

Running a website which is rich in high definition visuals and content requires a robust processor. You may actually have to utilize multiple processors according the requirement, it all depends on how the website is designed.

For a business which essentially deals with business or transactions, security and performance both become pivotal factors. In order to keep your server safe, maximum precautions need to be taken. The overall system should be so beefed up that it could encounter any issues pertaining to cyber threat or malfunction. The entry-points of the server should be rendered so secure that no black-hat trick could break it down. In addition to that, if you get extra space for storage, that would definitely by icing over the cake.

The requirement of additional RAM becomes very conspicuous in such situations. Thus, it is advisable to equip the system with higher quantum of memory which could also be helpful in managing content-driven platforms such as WordPress. You may also have to analyse the behaviour of different users, this will tell you on what level you need to shore up . Managing customers on multiple level is not an easy task, therefore, a managed server can eke out results that you want for your business.

No matter what type of server you want for your business, Server Wala would give you precisely what you need in keeping with your budget.

dedicated server
Dedicated Server

How Can I use a dedicated server as a desktop?

Certainly, the dedicated server is a single computer connected in a network that just fulfills the requirements of the network. Though the server computer is not different than a personal desktop computer, but surely there are many differences among them.

Hardware: The server hardware is little different than conventional pc hardware’s. The motherboards and processor are also different. The ram is also a bit different than regular pc hardware. The costing for server hardware is more than the conventional personal desktop computer.

Operating System: The dedicated server uses different operating systems (Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server, CentOS Server, Microsoft Windows Server, Ubuntu Server, etc.) than the desktop computer. The normal desktop needs a user-friendly experience by the OS (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OSX, Ubuntu, etc.). Though the server is user-friendly for networking support, it’s not suitable for daily use.

Application: The dedicated server supports different types of application that are designed to be performed as a server and network support. You can’t really play GTA 5 or CS Go on a server computer. You also are not able to install all the friendly third-party software’s.

Conclusion: Though the use of the dedicated server as a desktop can be done, but it’s not so well user experience; costs more and misses personal desktop support for real.

server operating system

What is the best Server Operating Systems?

Certainly, when you have a wide list of server operating system in your hand, you might feel a little confused. Today this problem will be solved.  Presenting some of the best server OS, that you can use.

1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server: Firstly, the RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is a very popular os, which can provide many open source application software. The support is too good and provided by RHEL. This operating system is used by big projects and companies. As a matter of fact, because of the RHEL is a paid os, so you will get the value for money surely.

2. CentOS Server: Furthermore, the CentOS Server is free and based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux architecture. Surprisingly, the support comes through a large community. With many suitable applications, and supported software’s, this CentOS Server can be popular among many small to medium businesses.

3. Microsoft Windows Server: Lastly, the Microsoft Windows Server is one of the popular server operating system people can relay. Because of it’s a part of windows family, surely you will get top notch support by the officials. This os is also cloud ready, so whether you are small or big, the Microsoft Windows Server can be your ultimate choice.

Whichever server you want to deploy in your company, you need to ensure that you contact a reliable service provider who can ensure that everything goes according to your need and budget.

RHEL and CentOS

Short difference between RHEL and CentOS?

Certainly, the RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) and CentOS are both based on Linux, but there are a few difference between two operating systems. There are differences in Product release, Pricing, Users, Performance focus, Support, etc.  Let’s go deep into the matter!

Product release: Where the RHEL initially released in 13th May 1995 and considered as a few original old Linux destroy, the CentOS is based on RHEL code itself. The CentOS first came into the market on 14th May 2004.

Pricing: The CentOS is free to use. But for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you need to purchase a paid license.

Performance focus: Because the RHEL or Red Hat Enterprise Linux is older, so it supports many platform and freeware. But the RHEL focus is to make a stable system. Likewise, the CentOS also focus on stability, but it misses deep intermigration by the coder and user.

Users: Consequently, the RHEL is used by many important platforms, data centers, servers, etc. The CentOS is used by less critical business platforms, due to its non-official or public support groups.

Support: Lastly, the CentOS is supported by its community or it’s community driven support. If a bug comes or beta version of CentOS comes, they try and make it perfectly workable. But the RHEL is supported by their closed developers- ‘Red Hat’ itself. There are few open communities are present for RHEL but the hard work for any problem solving is performed by the ‘Team Red Hat’.