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Dedicated Server

Difference between cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting

Cloud servers – These are very cost effective and doesn’t need any beforehand funding on purchasing and preservation of infrastructure. Cloud is available along with internet and permits the users to access the data from any location. Cloud is very reliable as it works on multiple servers and even if one constituent fails, service continues from the other servers. It is measurable on demand. It can be arranged to provide your business with the same features as of a dedicated server in a shared environment. Dedicated servers – These servers are physical in nature and provide the entire server for your own websites. These servers are more secure than any other server and perform efficiently. It provides you technical experts and full control available round-the-clock to supervise the server for any issues. 1) Availability Cloud server clinches zero downtime and the maximum network uptime for your own websites and applications. It never goes down in case of any issue, numerous junctions takes over the call of duty of the failed junction automatically. In dedicated servers, there is a risk of downtime and failure of physical hardware as they do not have numerous junctions to share the load. 2) Safety and security You must have faith in your provider for the services and for taking enough measures of security in cloud servers. Service providers of cloud server hosting assure data safety by devoted IT support, secure and inscribe solutions and facilitate backup recoveries. But in a dedicated server, one should take essentials measures by himself from supervising server resources to upgrade your dedicated server to secure it from spammers and its sensitive and confidential database of business. 3)  Scalability of resources Cloud servers have measurable RAM, CPU, storage capacity and powerful technical resources to encourage your website performance. Increment and decrement of resources, computing cores, RAM and storage as per load of the work are very simple in a cloud server. In a dedicated server, a specification is not flexible and scaling of resources is a bit difficult and time-consuming process. 4)Level of control In cloud server services provided by the host are limited as one does not have complete control. However, In dedicated server it provides complete control over the server, one can install applications, programs and enhancement of performance measures to the machine. 5) Cost-efficiency In cloud server, bandwidth, storage capacity, offered are a little bit costly, but they are relatively inexpensive with the plentiful dedicated server. In the cloud server, you pay only for the computing resources that you actually use. But in dedicated servers, you must pay a consistent amount notwithstanding of how much resources you actually use.
Dedicated Server

5 reasons to switch to dedicated server

A dedicated server is a physical server, which a person or an organization can use generally for their hosting needs. This type of infrastructure provides you your own physical server instead of a virtual server which is shared with probably thousands of other users on the similar physical server. There are numerous things for you to do , inclusively web hosting services.  At the early stages it makes sense for choosing shared hosting platform. Because you need your business to stand on its own and pay for its own in long run. When your business has grown enough and has the potential to invite numbers of visitors regularly, it is the time of upgradation towards a dedicated service provider.

1)Enhanced Security

These servers are very receptive to security breaches and spammers in form of viruses and hacks. The hosting company is able to offer protection as safe as shared web hosting. The only problem with shared servers is that they do not include you in their updates and patches. It can take weeks or months before you get to know that your website has been breached. Importance of security when comes to onsite business can’t be exaggerate,specially if you are handling any sensitive data from your users or selling things online.

2) Server and traffic load

You should consider a dedicated server if your site receives one thousand unique visitors on  a daily basis. Your website can have a profound impact on its functionality due to the volume of traffic coming to your websites every day. It can compromise their performance, if the server you are using is hosting various sites with too many processes. For combating with this problem switching to a dedicated server can go a long way.

3) Page load time

Page load plays a vital role in website traffic that Google has actually subsume load speeds into Search Engine Optimization. Every server has its own identification. Essentially this means that there will be times when your web pages will load at a slow pace or won’t load at all. You can avoid this issue by migrating your server to dedicated server hosting.

4)Custom programming

You have to select a dedicated hosting plan in order to meet the custom programming needs. It involves running cron jobs as well as custom software. You can choose software as well as hardware specification, if you select dedicated server hosting. Dedicated server provides you complete control on the hosting environment. Traditional hosting providers won’t gives you most custom programming choices.

5)Future growth and load balancing

Shifting to the dedicated server allows you to plan jobs as well as processes, accordingly assuring efficient load distribution. You would definitely require dedicated hosting if you are becoming a part of online business growth. If you waited a lot for switching then results could be worst, especially if you ‘ll perform in a hurry. So plan to go ahead so that you can easily switch to dedicated server when you required to. Load balancing means distributing workload on the server. Workload is a major problem. You should start searching for dedicated server, in case you observed considerable expansion on the websites for a fixed period.

Dedicated Server

Some untold features of a dedicated server hosting

Today the internet is the only way to connect with billions of people globally. And in terms of users and brand relation business website is one of the mediums that helps in connecting with users in order to make the website live globally, for that there is a need for a web hosting service. So investment in the best-dedicated server will provide superior performance in terms of flexibility and security. Best option to explore the potential of websites and online traffic is dedicated server. It is a compulsion for a business to get a dedicated server for better management, as their websites entertain a huge traffic. Dedicated hosting is a superior type of hosting solution. It is more eminent skilled by organizations with remarkably greater security.
  • A dedicated server is a brand or say king in the web hosting industry and will remain the same for a longer period of time. This hosting plan gives you complete access to operate your system resources and control panel. One can make changes as per the requirements due to the flexible nature of dedicated server hosting.
  • Dedicated server has the ability to support most of the systems. It is commonly used with Linux and Windows because of its accessible feature. It gives integrated root access and unlimited databases. As it never shares its resources that leads to fewer chances of coagulation of RAM and CPU.
  • Any bad or prohibited scripts that are running on the other web page won’t affect your website. The possibility of sharing space with the malicious websites is zero as the dedicated server provides the feature of security.
  • No additional expenses are required by a dedicated server for the maintenance of the server types of equipment. There is a guaranteed maximum uptime. Servers that are utilized at the top level makes the platform superior in terms of performance.
  • It provides assured reliability. There are limited resources in shared and VPS hosting packages, so there is a competition for a dedicated server to outshine as that is very certain. Greater no of business and enterprises always acquire a dedicated server for their hosting needs because of its assured reliability.
  • Every business targets to achieve profit, size, customer base and to develop in terms of traffic of websites and much more. Dedicated server has a rich website with all the resources which are needed. It was always a troublesome situation to cope up with the traffic of websites and growth of visitors with an open interaction of various marketing campaigns. Above all mentioned factors can be easily accomplished by picking a dedicated server plan.
  • Introducing vital programming programs in a dedicated server which helps in elements of organizations. A dedicated server can be customized to a particular errand, there is no worry about any downtime or flapping of business forms. A dedicated server is kept for its unblemished execution with less downtime amid the upkeep exercises.
  • A dedicated server never impart assets to other sites than your’s because it has limitless adaptability of deploying its whole assets for running decisions. Clients are free to help their one of a king task by launching a working framework of their rights and decisions, for instance, Linux and Windows.
Dedicated Server

How to choose dedicated server hosting for E-commerce websites

For an e-commerce site, the best hosting plan is a Dedicated Hosting Plan, because you can own the server completely by yourself. Which means that no other website will run on that server, that will result in an outstanding performance of your e-commerce site. An e-commerce site is being searched by thousands of visitors every day.  A dedicated server hosting will never have trouble accommodating visitors because of its performance. Web hosts are probably the best server in the market today, especially in Dedicated Hosting. Many of their clients have astonished on their service and the performance.
  • The first foremost thing necessary for an e-commerce business is to have a server. Dedicated servers bring a lot of ease and flexibility in e-commerce transactions which helps in creating a business of high volume.
  • Starting an e-commerce website brings its own unique challenges and requirements. Dedicated hosting entails an entire server to power your website or applications.
  • Dedicated servers are always ready to wait on your hand and foot to meet your basic and configuration needs. Clients have a complete takeover of doing architecture, they can customize operating systems, security systems and many more.
  • A dedicated server is provided by managed services, latest hardware and, around-the-clock support. Dedicated hosting plan comes with a number of opulence features, inclusive with automatic migrations and backups, unique IP address and operating system.
  • Another reason to choose a dedicated server hosting plan is that it provides an ultimate storage option for your personal data centers. It shares a large amount of data transfer and a hefty CPU with a bountiful supply of RAM for continuance in running a business. Another advantage too with the feasibility of enhancing your business on the same server without any interruption in other operations.
  • A dedicated server provides you an excellent network without any disruption. Coming to handling traffic, reliability and server uptime is crucial and a dedicated server provides all the space to track it down. With vigorous internet traffic rampant, clients use browsers and communication based on the web for considerable traffic.
  • Many websites earn a great performance level on a dedicated server then being on a shared server. Even if your traffic increases or your followers grow, it gives you an opportunity to consume allocated server resources. It comprises of better flexibility and speed.
  • Dedicated server saves you from various cyber attacks, an outstanding security support is provided by the dedicated server. It helps in capturing more control over growing business. This kind of service provider brings a higher level of performance by benefiting other capacities. During a server crash dedicated server helps you in recovering your data.
  • Plan a dedicated server hosting before you grow your business and list down all the requirements of your company if you are new to the world of web hosting. A dedicated server is one of the best platforms available to manage the amount of website traffic for e-commerce organization. It offers security, reliability, and speed.
  • By calculating all the importance of a dedicated server for e-commerce organization, the conclusion is it brings in growth. It is a worthful investment to make for an e-commerce organization.
CloudLinux, Cpanel, Linux Server

7 Benefits of using CloudLinux for Web Hosting Business

CloudLinux is an operating system which is based on Linux and CentOS. It works on server stability, and security of each tenant by giving allocated resources. CloudLinux provides backup services and fast consideration. Web hosting business is a type of onsite service or says Internet hosting which makes access to an individual or an organization to make their website via the World Wide Web. Accomplishment helps web hosting services deliver and data centers provide better hands to their clients and save liquidity of the business.

1 : Visibility

CloudLinux users have super visibility over their resources. Spamming scripts can be easily identified. It is not difficult to supervise system logs and log attempts that are potential security threats. It separates its tenants from one another to avoid breaches. CloudLinux had offered many organizations an easy and reliable customer support.

2:Customer Isolation

Virtualization environment does not only protects individual’s accounts from cyber attacks but also holds the entire server from being affected when one’s account goes down. It attains this by managing RAM and CPU.


One basic metric for shared web hosting is that no of clients can be set on the server. It is necessary to have enough clients on the server to be fruitful, yet an immoderate number of clients can create problems regarding assets issues. CloudLinux saves the day by permitting web hosts to have numerous customers on the server without giving up on client’s experience.

4:Ease of deployment

CloudLinux can be started very easily. It is true and very reliable for those who wish to convert from other systems. Licensing is also easily given. Licensed systems are guaranteed security updates. You can easily buy your license from ordering platforms and get to enjoy great patches and security.

5:Great Support

Service support system of CloudLinux is very great. They can easily pick you out from the problems regarding usage, configuration, and installation. They can also assist you to run diagnosis to get to know about the problem with your website. Users just have to contact the OS support staff to have their issues resolved as early as possible. This support is available for bug fixes of all versions of CloudLinux.

6:Stable hosting environment

CloudLinux as a hosting software tends to be the best choice for many businesses as they are cost-effective and sufficient for the needs. Sudden traffic spikes from other website accounts will never mean downtime server as a whole. It decreases server load and increases server uptime.


The lightweight virtualization environment helps in preventing hackers from getting your information from other users on the server. CloudLinux creates bubbles which protect your hosting account by neither letting hackers to access your personal information nor letting your information and data from getting out.